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Cosmic Love
There are days where
I just feel raw
Exposed and open
When a sob is locked inside
And tears get stuck on my eyelashes
Cause I can't seem to just cry
Where I hold my stomach
As if I'm cradling my inner child
That weak, innocent part of me
Who will always fear getting hurt
The time is now,
And it is exciting
And terrifying
And anything in between
I never can quite seem to be
Just one thing
Some days I believe it's because
I'm diverse, experienced, open minded
Other days, to balance things out,
I believe I just don't know
A single thing about myself.
I ache for you
For the pain and suffering you go through
I ache for you
To be near, warm, and comforting
I would take it all away
I fear this unknown power
Of setting things right
Of deserving what's right
And the unknown of simple
Pure, happiness.
I am
Happy strong hopeful
Sad weak hopelessly
Bursting at the seams
For everything, to be ok.
I am understanding and sympathetic
I am headstrong and stubborn
And I am patient enoug
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Thistle and Weeds
I shut my eyes and embrace the swing
I've missed this state of intoxication
Perhaps I could like it a bit too much
Or maybe it's just my Irish roots
That show in my hair, burnt orange, in the summer sun
And hints of red in the winter winds
I'm starting to believe that in a past life
I was a conspiring, manipulating
Calculating, unforgiving, cold-hearted bitch
How else could I have come to be
Someone who cares too much about everything
Who loves blindly with their whole heart
And can never seem to make a decision
Because there are too many trains of thought
Because she is hopelessly confused by her emotions
I cannot recall the last time
I knew exactly what to do
Perhaps I'm overreacting (as I often do)
Yet I feel as if there's no solid ground to stand on
Which doesn't suit a person like me
I just want to drink or sleep
Forget everything and be a coward
I know this cannot last
But I don't know how long I shall remain in my tower
I am too afraid of hurting everyone else
And I fear my hear
:iconxxtwilights-angelxx:XxTwilights-AngelxX 0 2
I sleep to dream
To Daydream
To escape
I feel anxious
I too often wish to escape reality
Knowing that I'm slipping into fiction
But I am too damaged, confused, scared
To care
I believe I've always been this way
Even my degrees reflect it, in a way,
History tells the facts/truths (well, for the most part)
English tells tales/fictions/dreams
I couldn't pick between the two.
Choice, free will
Leaves me in despair
Oh Nietzsche!
I feel the absurd multiple times a day.
I stand at a forked road
And I do not know the better path to take
The past leaves me no more enlightened
I have failed myself. Again and again.
The water in my ear will not leave
I am muffled, confused, and unbalanced.
I admit to being weak and lost
I desire comfort and confirmation
I desire to fall into dreams
In a Saturday in bed.
:iconxxtwilights-angelxx:XxTwilights-AngelxX 0 2


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Sometimes I wish
I was inspired to write
As often as I used to

But then I remember
That void has been filled
I no longer have a need
To use a black quill

And I wouldn't trade that
For any verse the muses offered

Things are changing, brighten by the sun’s light
Adventure is at our doorsteps
New, unknown, and maybe a bit scary
So take my hand, because you and I
No matter where we land
We are whole, and we are home

Dining with Karma
So once I got away, I found myself
Buried under all the lies and abuse
I'll never go down those paths again
Tally ho and moving forward

I am not a perfect person
I am not all-forgiving
But I am the better person

So I didn't waste my time on revenge
I burned those bridges to the ground
I sacrificed you to Karma
And let her dish out your fate

I hope you get served
Exactly what you deserve.
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